Fall 2012 – Review So Far


The Fall season of anime has been here for a few weeks now, so I guess it’s time to make a quick round-up of how well we’re doing.



Bakuman S3 – 02

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After the rather eventful last week, which was full of character development, this episode concentrates on the development of manga. And boy, we have quite a few changes and twists along the way…


Bakuman S3 – 01

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Bakuman Season 3 Preview

They’re back!

The 3rd season of Bakuman is finally here! And it kicks off with some amusing stuff right off the bat, even if in a slightly unusual way…


Site updated

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Vip's Den

Vip and his den in their full glory

I decided to change the format of this site – instead of doing a blog about drawing, it seems to be a better idea to just make this a hub for my rants, thoughts and reviews. Hence the change in name.

This does¬†not mean that I’ve given up on drawing. Progress was made in some areas, and although¬†Softie has been in development hell for far too long, it has not been forgotten or discarded. Let’s just say it’s… evolved a bit.