Sword Art Online - 23 Screenshot 01

You can say many things about SAO, but it sure knows how to get your attention. Sure, it has many flaws – there’s an untapped potential lurking behind this otherwise mediocre series – but in the end, it’s one of the few series that I’m really eagerly waiting for every Sunday. It doesn’t help that first we had the ideal waifu – Asuna, and now the spotlight is on the sweet imouto/cousin Sugu. So jelly T_T



Of course, there’s lots of action in the Action Department as well. Really, don’t tell me you didn’t think about the same while watching this scene :P It’s kinda sad that A1 didn’t choose to animate the dual blade slash festa, and they really pulled this Giga Drillu Swordo Breaker out of their asses… But it sure as hell made an impression. Reckon’s epic but in the end useless sacrifice was also an entertaining moment – would have been quite dramatic if not for the fact that it only results in a longer respawn wait for him.

I guess that the big battles are over, hopefully next week Kirito will kick the smug Main Asshole’s ass; Sugou is really an annoying villain.