Akasaka vs RitaROUND 1, FIGHT!

Akasaka vs Rita

As our merry bunch from Sakurasou work hard on bringing to life Nyaboron, Rita keeps bothering them. It’s surprising (or perhaps not) that Akasaka is the first to guess what Rita is after. And then, it gets worse

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Well, it did seem like a good idea to ask Rita, a pro painter, to help them with their project. Too bad it blew right into their faces.

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So, Rita and the others couldn’t withstand the pressure… Can’t really blame them, it’s tough when you have to deal with a genius AND when your own grandfather is disappointed when you cannot match such brilliance. Nevertheless, if they now hate their passion because of the unintentional actions of one person, then was it really a true passion? Somehow, I doubt it. A dear friend once scolded me for saying that drawing is my passion – “Passion is just like breathing air; you can’t even imagine living without it. If you say that drawing is your passion, then you should be drawing all the time, if not big pictures, then at least some doodles on the margin of your notes”. This kind of opened my eyes – I can’t really say that drawing is my passion, but I’m slowly getting there.

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Ah yes, what a cunning plan you had, Rita! Too bad it failed so spectacularly. “If it wasn’t for these meddling kids!”, seems strangely appropriate in this context – if it wasn’t for the Sakurasou folks, I doubt Mashiro would be able to make such a hit. And it was Sorata who managed to push her into the right direction and avoid a failure. Obviously, Rita isn’t aware of the fact that Mashiro didn’t succeed on her own – but what does it matter, in the end? It’s the end result that matters for her.

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Luckily, we have Akasaka to slap her right into face with his arguments. His direct attitude may be considered rude, especially in Japan – the land where it’s better to lie or be quiet than to disagree with another person, but his words are simple and yet powerful. In the entirety of her tirade, Rita never even mentioned what she herself wanted – and there’s nothing worse than doing something just because you’re expected to do it. Man, this guy is really perceptive for a hikkimori, almost to a terrifying degree.

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Watching Mashiro getting so devastated by one of her friends was so painful… The poor creature barely understands the concept of jealousy, ESPECIALLY when it comes to talent and skill – no wonder she is totally baffled with Rita’s hatred.

Poor Mashiro, she could sooo use a good hug…

Luckily, after Sorata uses his Power Of The Protagonist, Rita realises her mistake and they all lived happily ever after… at least for the moment. Somehow, subconsciously I was expecting this to be a prelude to some grand finale. Imagine my surprise when I went to MAL only to discover we’re not even in the middle! Oh boy, Sakurasou really knows how to surprise me… Definitely one of the best series this season has to offer.