My face while watching the episode...

My face while watching the episode…

Sweet Lord, this is officially the best romance ever. I mean, show me another series where you can find as much honesty. And I almost literally died several times while watching the episode…

"'Cause you said you're in love with Shizuku."

“‘Cause you said you’re in love with Shizuku.”




OMFG THIS SCENE. Really, I thought my heart and lungs would explode from the laughter. Nevermind the derpy animation, the humour still ensures that I get my weekly dose of entertainment.

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And there’s my weekly (over)dose of Natsume-chan. Just looking at this poor soul makes me want to hug her. She’s a klutz and a baka, but a honest baka. Tanezaki Atsumi may be new to the seiyuu industry, but she’s delivering an outstanding performance here.

Tonari no Kaibutsu - 10 Screenshot 08

Seriously, what’s the meaning of this? This is like what, the fifth time that either Mitty or Haru confess their love? I think that’s a new record.  And amazingly, it’s still working. Just how freakin’ sincere is this series going to get?!

Tonari no Kaibutsu - 10 Screenshot 09

Run, Yamaken, run!

I think that Yamaken was about to die in that scene. Haru’s setting a new definition of being jelly – and it’s getting really scary.

Seriously, Haru, don’t provoke her…

... aaand she finally snapped

… aaand she finally snapped

Run, Haru, run! oO

Run, Haru, run! oO

Pissed off Mitty is kinda cute <3

Pissed off Mitty is kinda cute <3

OH GAWD THAT SCENE AT THE END. Haru is a true genius. Mitty managed to take two hits RIGHT TO THE FACE without even flinching, so imagine how hard she had to snap to display this much irritation. It takes some serious skill to do that – the fail is strong with Haru indeed.

I’ll say it once again, but this is the best romcom evah. I think this is *the* series that many of us have been waiting for – it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a sincere, touching (dat sad main theme playing at important moments…) and yet funny at the same time. It’s a shame that it’s gonna end soon – I think the series has enough potential for at least another season. It would be interesting to see how Mitty and Haru manage when they eventually become a couple. Alas, it’s probably gonna stay in our imagination.