Clueless Mitty = kawaii

Clueless Mitty = kawaii

Seriously, this show. Despite having a very strong humorous aspect, it manages to be quite realistic, at least in some regards. And it’s an excellent portrayal of a love/hate relationship – Mitty is as fascinated as she is pissed with Haru attitude. “Why do we clash?” indeed. Mitty, you just have to learn to enjoy these clashes!

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DAT SCENE. Haru’s unbelievable! I mean, seriously, how does this guy do this?! I wouldn’t be able to piss off a girl like that even if I tried to, and he’s doing it unintentionally! Sweet Lord, two punches in the face and a can to the head… and yet she still wants to be with him. Now that’s what I call being serious :D

"I've always wished that you didn't exist"

“I’ve always wished that you didn’t exist”

Those are some harsh words coming out of Haru’s brother’s mouth. I kinda understand why Yuuzan can feel unhappy, but taking it out on your younger sibling is just freakin’ petty. And trust me, I’m an Onii-chan myself, so I know what I’m talking about. Still, that little glimpse into Haru’s past really helps to explain how he became the way he is right now.

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I kinda understand Haru’s frustration and fear – Mitty is changing, and the poor guy is scared he’ll be left behind. I also really liked Mitty’s confusion. Many of us think that it’s enough if both parties acknowledge and accept their feelings, but relationships are un)fortunately more complex like that (and now I sound like an expert on the matter, lol).

Two more episodes to go, looks like we’ll get some kind of an open ending. Eh, how typical.