Yeah, I think Lehm’s face sums up my feelings on this episode quite well.

"She is loco" indeed.

“She is loco” indeed.

Okay, I almost crapped my pants while watching this episode. Koko’s dark nature has been hinted at since the very beginning of the series, but her little speech this time made quite an impression. Being above God and forcing world-wide peace? That’s quite unlike you, Koko. You’re a down-to-earth type of person, how the frak did you get so high suddenly?

Jormungand - 22 Screenshot 03

But the most terrifying was how casually she ¬†approached the idea of slaughtering 700,000 people. Mostly innocent people, mind you – not terrorists, soldiers, but civilians. Families and friends travelling back home or going for holidays. I don’t think that this is an acceptable price for her idea of ‘peace’, especially when you consider how many loopholes there are in her plan. Doesn’t she remember that World Wars didn’t need all that fancy technology to inflict death and misery upon the world? Somehow, I’m not surprised Jonah acted the way he did.

It seems that our favourite arms dealer is in for a ride – she’ll have to probably choose between Jonah and Jormungand quite soon, and it’s gonna be a struggle for her.